Hard to believe but true !
For some years there has been on the Sodar market instruments with limited altitude range, cumbersome dimensions, and high weight. As these instruments reach the end of their useful life and support, an ideal new product for most applications especially in the wind energy field is the PA-XS Remtech Sodar.

- the PA-XS weighs only 20 Kg
- its power consumption is only 10W
- its average range is 400 meters AGL
- the data availability is more than 90% at 200 meters AGL
- it never outputs outliers as quoted by Dr. Albers from Deutsche Windguard GmbH Consulting Company which enables you to have direct access to the data without any service required
- the squared correlation is higher than 0.97 when compared to a certified meteorological tower

If Remtech can offersuch a small Sodar with such performances it is due to our very unique signal processing software which has been constantly refined along the past 38 years
Please contact us for a comprehensive Technical and Financial Offer.
Please also note that we offer very attractive standard exchange conditions for all Sodars delivered by our competitors these past 10 years.

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